Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 5 - Chennai - July 21 2014

Hey everybody,

Glad hearing from everybody and all the things happening around the world.  This week was awesome as I can feel myself becoming a true Indian!  I have adapted to talking in very simple broken English so that people can better understand me but I still need to work on it.  I am picking up a few phrases in Tamil but don't nearly understand when people talk here haha.  
Elder and Sister Lewer (the missionary couple in the office)  came to our apartment this week and told us how bad it was and wants to move us out pretty soon so that is exciting and kind of crazy haha.  We have had lizards, cockroaches, geckos and other bugs in our apartment but thank goodness no rats.  

It was exciting to hear about the world cup this week as well and I'm not surprised that i won the pool haha just kidding but ya Coach John you can take me out to dinner sometime.  Lots of people either play or watch football here so I get to talk to people about that.

Last week we visited the longest beach in the world called Marina beach which is 13km long and it was awesome!  So many little shops there and everybody tries to sell me stuff.  It was awesome! made me want to jump in the ocean so bad because of how hot it was but I will go back someday!  We also went to the zoo today with our zone and is similar to US but still much different.

We have our first baptism next week with Bro. Roomesh and Sis. Sumithra and their family is awesome!  Every time we meet with them brother Roomesh says I look like his brother and I always tell him that we are distantly related!  brothas from anotha motha.  They are awesome and he says that he wakes up at 5 am every Sunday so he can get his family to church on time because he knows how important it is for him and his salvation!  If every family had a desire like this family there would be no such thing as less actives.

It rained a couple of times this week and everybody is saying that we are getting closer to monsoon season so it will drop down to a whopping 82 degrees F.  I might be getting more use to it but I dont know but it doesnt seem to affect me that much. 

We ran into so many people that the Lord has put in our path recently and its a miracle that we get to meet them and here their stories.  Like for example, I was saying a prayer the other night that Heavenly Father would guide us to meet those that are prepared and literally right after I said that the phone rang and I quickly ended my prayer and it was someone that wanted to hear our message and learn about the church! amazing.

We have had lots of great food lately and you can eat as much rice as you want here!  We have also had idly's, chicken curry, chicken briyani, Mcdonalds, and much more.  Indian food is very cheap and doesn't cost more than $2 for unlimited food.  

We are at some small internet cafe right now which wont let me send pictures but ill be sure to send a lot next week!  Thanks for the prayers and support and love!

Love, Elder Wakefield

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