Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 55 - July 6, 2015 - Manila Philippines

Another week down, time seems to be going faster in the philippines than it does in India.  The last 2 weeks nothing too crazy has gone down.  Mostly just making schedules, charts and graphs for mission leaders to review and talk about how they can help the work.  I think a tropical storm hit North Luzon these last past few days and we got a little taste of it here in Manila and it is crazy.  It's like the windows of heaven just opened the flood gates and released.  

Its funny too because usually it will pour for 5-10 minutes and then 20 minutes later its clear skies and the water dries up pretty fast.

I did have this cool experience where I went on exchange with a new Elder in our apartment and he is still learning Tagalog and I know very little so we went out there and tried to teach.  More people speak English in Manila than they do in the Philippines though.   The Lord just blessed us with awesome people to teach and fill up throughout our day.

They started another Book of Mormon challenge so that is going on.  We also watched Meet the Mormons and that was way cool.

One challenge that is super common here is smoking - literally everyone here smokes, Grandmas, Men, Women, Kids everyone.  So one of our investigators is trying to stop her addiction but you can tell that she doesn't even believe in herself.  Her husband who got baptized like 8 months ago is awesome.  Every time that we go over he always just shares how this is the only true gospel on the earth and what a blessing it is to be apart of.  He also has super strong faith that that his family will join him at church so they can be sealed in the Temple.  

People feed us alot here and I'm definitely taking advantage of the beef and pork while I can before I go back.  Thanks for all the emails.

Elder Wakefield

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