Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 9 - Chennai - August 17

Hey Everyone, 

Great to hear from everyone and it literally makes my week getting to hear from you all.  This week was pretty good but not much success to show.  I think we need to work harder and more effectively to show better results.  Literally this place is right about to explode with missionary work but we can't seem to figure out how to crack the code.  A lot of people don't see religion playing a big part in their lives and those that do are really strong in another denomination and don't want to listen to our message.  

I've been looking for a Tamil to English dictionary but so far no luck but I wont give up.  I can understand a couple of words when people speak but when I speak literally no one can understand me haha.  Even on the bus I will tell the conductor "golden Flatts, 2" and he wont understand and then the lady next to me will literally say the exact same thing and he will understand.  Unreal

We got a new investigator thats a tailor so he said that he can hook it up with some pants and shirts so I'm pretty excited about that.  Clothes are like 25% of the price they are back home so that is pretty awesome.  
We had the 68th Indian Independence day on Friday and that was pretty fun.  At church we had a flag hoisting and then they sang the national anthem and it was really funny.  Then there was a giant talent show which took like 3 hours and that was really fun to watch too.  We did a skit and most people thought it was funny so that was good.  Then they served some chicken briyani and you can never go wrong with that.  

Elder Ward and I went on exchange this week too and it was pretty fun to walk around in Chennai with another American.  People here aren't afraid to stare so literally people look for like 8 minutes with no shame.  Sometimes I stare back and start making funny faces at them to see if they laugh but they never do so I'll have to keep trying.

We have dinner appointments like once every 2 weeks but they are dang good when we do have them.  Not much else happened this week but hopefully we can find some prepared this week because I know we can.  India is awesome and I'm starting to love the people here.  Hope everyone is doing well and are safe.

Elder Wakefield

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