Friday, May 6, 2016

Week 89 - March 1, 2016 - Hyderabad, India

First off Happy 20th Birthday Grandma!!!!! Everyone says you look like you're 80 but I think when they read your birth certificate they will understand :)

This week was really awesome in West Marredpally 1st ward.  We taught a bunch of lessons and our Ward Mission Leader came on exchange with us a bunch and he is really excited about this fireside activity that we are having.  To be honest, I think the expectations for this activity are going to be really high so they are making him work like anything.  But like, no joke, the Lord has blessed us with a bunch of solid investigators the last 2 weeks so those are the people we will be working with the next 2 months as well as continuing to find new people to teach.

Last week we went go karting at this place called Runway 9 and it was really sweet.  Pretty similar to the place that we went to Vizag a year back.  As usual the missionaries always have to cause some sort of trouble and sure enough we were able to damage 2 carts this time.  Luckily, the people weren't too upset at us so all is good.  Then today, we went early in the morning and caught a bus at Jubilee bus stand and went to Medak district to see this church that the British built almost 100 years ago.  It was a long journey and we only stayed for about an hour but it was a really cool place to see.  

Another funny story this week is that I've been trying to teach my companion how to jump off the bus because they don't like to stop very long at the bus stops, so one night we are going back home and the bus is going up this little hill and its going pretty slow like less than 10 km/hr so I tell my comp we are going to jump and he's like oh no we aren't and suddenly I get down and he has to jump off also but in the end he did it and he's getting better too.  We are having lots of good food and the members are really helping us with whatever we need so it has been really cool to see some of the changes these last 7 months.  

Time is flying bye and hopefully March brings some more good news.

Elder Wakefield

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