Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 41 - March 30, 2015

The weeks are starting to feel like days out here so I guess that means we are having fun.  We had some awesome lessons this week and some days there weren't enough time to visit all the people we needed to.  It takes minimum 30 minutes to get to appointments because of buses and traffic and walking so we try and schedule our days geographically.  

Yesterday we had the baptism service of Mukthi and it was awesome because her brother came from Hyderabad to baptize her and her mother looked really happy.  She's really quiet but really cool.  Yesterday my companion asked her what she wanted to be when she was older and she said I want to be just like you so that was cool.  Also a lot of our investigators came to the service so I think that really inspired them when they were watching.  The Lord has blessed us so much out here I almost feel unworthy of all these blessings.

My second passport should come next month so they are getting arrangements for us to leave in June.  April will bring hotter weather but we know there are always people ready for our message so we are excited to find them.  Also we bought a blender this week so I've been going crazy making some milkshakes as of late.  Next Monday we have our Visak branch championship cricket match so I'll try my best to prepare for that.

Also started a Mission Book of Mormon challenge where they are trying to get everybody to finish the Book of Mormon by June starting.  I've already learned so many things from Nephi it's awesome and I hope everyone reads so they can feel the Spirit and know of its truth.  

Hope everyone to have a great week
Elder Wakefield

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