Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 64 - September 7, 2015 - Hyderabad, India

So this week was super busy.  We went to Golla Kunda (Fort) for today and it was super awesome.  So many awesome pictures and I got pretty sunburned so I guess I'm going to be a red Indian for the next few days

Hyderabd is huge and our area is like the farthest from a church building so its a little tough but some really awesome members and investigators.  The stake president, John Gutty is in our ward and he is a really awesome guy.  We get to talk to him a lot so thats cool too.

I went on exchange in Madina Guda this weekand that was a fun place to be.  Oh how I've missed Hyderabad biryani - it was nice to come back to this week.  We are going to be pretty busy visiting lots of families this week as well.  Our biggest struggle is getting people to church on time but after yesterday, I think more people will be there on time..

Its also weird to see people just walking into the church from the streets as opposed to in Chennai and Visag where people could never find the church and here we have people just walking in.  It's a reallly cool experience and still so much more to do so we will work hard.

Love all of you guys,
Elder Wakefield

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