Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 34 - February 9, 2015 - Visak

An awesome week out here in Visak where the weather is warming up fast.   On Monday, I split with Brother Venkat Reddy who was born with only 7 fingers but has an awesome testimony.  He took me to the home of one of his new clients at his bank and we got to meet the wife and her children.

He pretty much expounded upon like 25 scriptures from the Bible about Jesus Christ True Church and how it is on the earth again today. It was full Telegu but I could understand about half of what he said.  The spirit was strong and when he showed a picture of Joseph Smith to this lady.  Her daughter ran to the dresser and pulled out some church material she had acquired like 10 years back.  It was Chennai all over again!

Pretty amazing how Heavenly Father prepares the hearts of His children.  Even though I have no idea if people will undertsand me or have any desire to follow Jesus Christ, I just share our message of Jesus Christ with everyone because I know it is what they need in their life and what will make them happy.  So grateful I've had the opportunity to live this way my whole life.  

Hope evryone has an awesome week and watch out for swine flu!

Elder Wakefield

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