Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 7 - Chennai - August 3 2014

Its crazy to think that I have already been in India for over a month and time literally flies by especially on Mondays during our free time.   I saw the weather report for this upcoming week and everyday is suppose to be 100 so if I don't make it through this week, I wish you all the best.

We have really been focusing on getting people to come to church and read the Book of Mormon this week so they can have a greater spiritual strength  but it didn't really seem to work out that well so we are going to have keep trying harder.  Its funny because you can walk down the street and talk to them and tell them about church and no matter who they are 95% of the time they say are coming but 0% come haha.  So I have learned quickly not to believe what they tell me.  

Its also hard top set up appointments with people because we call and confirm that we are coming over the day before and when we get there no one is home or they don't pick up their phone so now most of the time we just show up at their homes unannounced.  It's also funny to hear all the excuses people make when we come to their homes and they didn't follow through on what they said they were going to do.  If you enough faith you are never too busy to pray or read the scriptures or come to church because you understand the blessings that come from it!!

We haven't heard of any changes in our apartment yet and I'm starting to see more cockroaches around which really isn't good!  We have our first zone conference this week and I heard they are fun but I dont really know what to expect haha.  Last week I had a real beef burger and it was amazing.  We also made beef curry on Thursday so I have my fair share of cow this week.  Today we are going to a museum and next week we are going to St. Thomas Cathedral where the Apostle Thomas is buried!  

We are on schedule for another baptism next week so hopefully we can make sure that they are well prepared.  Fast Sundays are tough because I feel like I need to drink something every 20 minutes and going 24 hours is pretty hard but I'm getting better and not thinking about it so much.  

We get to most of our appointments through bus or share auto and I'm starting to know my way around Chennai a little better.  Our cycles are nice for the people that live close to us.  Our apartment is in Mogappair or Golden Flatts/colony and is called the Jaguar apartment.  Not sure what the exact address is but maybe you can find it on google maps even though my description sucks haha sorry.

Our companionship is doing well and we are working hard and times when I dont thing I can go any further I somehow find myself continuing to press on.  The hand of the Lord is literally pushing me forward through our work.  

Hope everyone is doing well and I cant wait to hear from you all next week.. Love

Elder Wakefield

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