Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week 28 - Visakhaputnam - December 29, 2014

Another awesome week cruised by.  On Christmas we met up with 3 young men from our branch and they really look up to Elder Shaik so it was cool to see their desire to serve the Lord.  Then we went to this village about 25 km away and gave the father of a member a blessing.  You could definitely tell the years of work this guy has done and he couldn't have weighed more than 80 pounds.  Then we came back and had a coconut rice and beef curry dinner.  Its funny how I crave rice for like every meal now.

Its nice that my companion speaks the language here because he can talk to all the members but sometimes they talk for hours on end.  Hopefully he is helping them strengthen their testimony.  

The country only has Christmas day off here so it was weird seeing so many people work and just live their normal lives.  You can really see how badly this country needs the Gospel here.  There are lots of Christians here but less speak English and most just go to these really fancy churches right down the road.  They want to worship God they just don't know how.  

It was cool to call home and everybody in the room with me was very curious to see what an American family looks like.

So blessed for the love Heavenly Father has for his children by sending us his Son to save each and everyone of us.  Hope everyone has a great New Year!

Elder Wakefield

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