Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week 27 - Visakhapatnam (Visag) - December 21, 2014

Probably the craziest week of my mission and I have like no time to write this email but yes Visak is the promised land.  It feels exactly like San Jose here.  No pollution, no garbage and the weather is amazing.  Once again I'm on the outskirts of the city so its pretty awesome here.  The branch is awesome and everyone loves doing missionary work here too.

Not many people speak English and there is probably about the same percentage of Christians here too but all the families are awesome.  Here, they speak Telegu which is completely different from Tamil, so like I'm learning a new language.  

My companions home is like 200km south of here and he's a stud.  The members love him because he speaks Telegu and they're always very happy to see us come over.

We have 3 returned missionaries in the branch, one the branch pres, another sister who is like young women's president and an inactive member.  We've got a huge area to cover but almost all the members in the branch have a relative who is not a member so we are mostly working with them.  

Our branch went Christmas caroling on Sunday night and they came to our apartment at 1:30 am.  Crazy then we had our Christmas party today and they made me dance and it was pretty funny too.  Still not sure why they always want the Americans to do these crazy things...

Stoked for Christmas, probably gonna skype in morning or evening. still not sure though.  Probably do it at a convenient time for everyone.  I think my skype id is awakefield11 not sure if people can call in or what cause I'm pretty much a goob but we will see.

Still having some serious stomach problems but they usually only last for 2 30 minute periods throughout the day.

Merry Christmas,

Elder Wakefield

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