Friday, May 6, 2016

Week 98 - May 1, 2016 - Hyderabad, India

Happy May eveyone!  I dont want to make you guys too excited or anything but now I can say that I'm coming home next month.  Hyderabad has had some crazy weather this week with some extreme heat, wind storms, and rain.

One cool experience from last night.  We have this family that is cousins with a family in our ward and they speak pretty good English and they've come to church the last 2 weeks so we went over there last night and we start talking to them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and come to the point of Baptism....well this sister talks like anything and so she starts telling about how she has been going to church since she was young but she never really cared much for God.  She has one son and tried for another about 8 years ago but it didn't work out and she started talking about how she had been searching for a job but now only is the time that everything is working out for her.
Anyway she is super happy that we invited her to be baptized and at the end of the lesson.   She says a closing prayer and halfway through, she starts crying about how happy she was that she had this opportunity to qualify for God's Kingdom.  It was one of the most spiritual prayers I have ever heard on my mission.

This week, I also got to drive an auto.  All of a sudden, I'm sitting in the front and the auto guy gives me the steering handles, so I take over and start driving all over the place.  It was really funny but yeah, I need to bring one back home.  Sorry for the short email all of the other missionaries need to go on too.

Have a great week,
Elder W

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