Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 67 - September 28, 2015 - Hyderabad, India

This week was super awesome.  Yesterday Elsey, Karuna, and Krupa all got baptized.  Their families all came to the baptism service too so that was really cool to see.  We had to have it at 8 am or else we would have had to wait until X for all the other wards to finish.  So we woke up super early and so did the other families and made it over to the church.  Luckily nothing went wrong so that was a huge blessing.

On Friday. they had Eid-Mubarak, a Muslim holiday where they sacrifice goats and they eat it, so there were herds of goats everywhere on the streets.  So my companion tells me I can wish them a happy Eid Mubarak, which means be happy, and this guy says thanks shakes my hand and says give me 100 rupees I'm like what the heck I try to escape and he wont let go of  my hand then my companion starts walking faster away and finally I just brake away and run so it was fun haha. Then last night they had the last day of the Ganesh festival so all the missionaries just stayed in their apartments after church and hung out it was nice.

Today we are going to Bangalore for MLC and are going on exchange with the AP's on Thursday.  My companion just got called to be the new AP so I'll have a new companion next week.  They tried to feed us goat head soup where they take all of the organs and stuff in the head and mash it up and eat it but I wasn't down, maybe next year. 

Have a great week evryone,
Elder Wakefield

P.S.  Cool story on these 2 girls baptisms.  They are neighbors to the 2 other girls that were baptized in January.  They are exactly like Riley and Payton.  They are so awesome though because they just brought their friends to church and read the Book of Mormon story book witht them and they have been excited about baptism ever since then.  Just goes to show you that anyone can do missionary work and even just small invitations lead to huge miracles and great blessings!

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