Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 66 - September 21, 2015 - Hyderabad, India

What up everybody?  Can't believe another week flew by.  This week we visited so many families it was awesome.  I feel like I can understand the area now.  On Thursday night, I went over to Madina Guda and we did some good work there.  The other elders apartment is right by this huge Ganesh idol so that whole night people were partying and playing music and stuff.

Then on Saturday, we went on splits in this area really far I think another district but it was after Mehdipatnam.  And beleieve it or not, they had a a Walmart out there.  I was amazed.  I hope one day we can go inside.  We taught a ton of lessons and we have these really awesome investigators and they are getting good fellowship, so they are excited for their baptism this upcoming Sunday.

We got a ward membership list and according to the record we have 395 people in this ward.  Attending on Sunday was maybe 50.  But we have support of alot of leaders and they see that we are working so they also want to start doing a lot more.  Unfortunately our relief society president and her family just moved to the 3rd ward, so we are going to miss them because of all their work but hopefully more people can take their place.

My companion is super awesome.  Hes like the indian version of me.  We always have a good time and are always joking and teach great lessons so I cant complain.  We went through some of the same problems but are helping each other so we are both learning from one another.  Also only 90 pages left in the book of Mormon and only 9 days until the month ends, so I have to get to work but it is really great.

Love all of you guys, hope everyone is doing great.

Elder Wakefield

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