Friday, May 6, 2016

Week 87 - February 15, 2016 - Hyderabad, India

Whats up everyone???

This week, I got my new companion Elder Madda, from Rajhamundry.  He is 22 and the first one to serve a mission in his family.  He is super humble and really willing to learn.  His MTC group arrived on Wednesday night and on Thursday night we flew back to Hyderabad.  His English is ok but he is speaking more and more so I think in no time he will be fine.  Actually this morning, I taught him how to send some emails and type and edit pics and stuff so I guess I learned a lot of that stuff here so just spreading the knowledge.

But this week, I got to show him a little bit of the area and he is about equally overwhelmed when I first came but I told him that he will remember everything in no time.  But on Friday, we went to our ward mission leaders home and he was telling us about one of his friends that was interested in learning about the gospel and sure enough he was home and got to share the restoration with him, it was elder Madda's first lesson as a missionary and he already is a pro, so no worries.  Then a cool thing is that this brother came to Church yesterday and he really liked it and we are meeting with him again tonight so things are already improving.

Basically I'm really glad I have a new companion that is excited to do missionary work and has a real desire of the Gospel so he is helping me at the same time to rekindle the joy and excitement I had when I first started my mission.  Go out and share something good.

Elder Wakefield

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