Friday, May 6, 2016

Week 85 - February 1, 2016 - Hyderabad, India

First off, Happy belated Indian Republic Day everyone!  I think that was when the British finally left India, now here we are today.  On Tuesday, they had this huge Parade in the patny grounds and they had all of the armed forces present there but the only bad thing was they didn't really let spectators into watch and we couldn't stand outside the gate so that was kind of a bummer and I tried to take a picture but they didn't seem to like that so much either.  

But other than that we had a couple of exchanges this week to help some of the missionaries and they were pretty successful.  We are finding a lot of new investigators and teaching lots of less-actives but only bad thing is that no one is coming to church, so we are helping the members to pick up some of people to come to church.  

This week was pretty normal other than that.  So on Saturday, I was looking on the membership list and had this feeling that we should search for this one family so that afternoon, we went to the area and if you know anything about Indian addresses and streets, it's that there is no order or system in where the home might be so we started looking around and asked some people and we got to this one home where they had a cross on the gate but no door number and I was thinking it could be this family and later we asked someone and sure enough it was them.  They had this German Shepard chained to their bike and when we knocked the dog started barking and kind of took a running start and ripped off its collar and looked like it was going to jump over this fence but lucky for us the gate was pretty high so we survived.  But ya we taught them and found out they have some non-members in the home, so we got some good potential for them.

This week: tomorrow is locked down due to elections going on in Hyderbad and at like 10:30 pm we fly to Bangalore, then MLC on Wednesday and exchanges with the APs till Thursday and we fly back to Hyderbad on Thursday night and probably find out about transfer calls so some cool things are happening.

But please everyone pray for the people here to soften their hearts and apply the teachings of the Gospel in their lives.  Love you all

Elder Wakefield

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