Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 12 - Chennai - September 7 2014

Whats up whats up everybody?  Pretty crazy week in Chennai this last week and it rained like a crazy a couple of days and it was also some of the hottest weather I've experienced too.  On Saturday we had a bunch of appointments confirmed but 1 by 1 they all seemed to fall through so it seemed like we would bike from house to house and door after door be turned down.  When we got home I just crashed on my bed and fell asleep by like 9:30.  

I taught the gospel principles class on Sunday and it was so funny because no one understands my English so I had the branch mission leader translate for me and it kind of turned into him teaching the class but it was still good none the less.  Here they want us to only teach people that speak English but every once in a while we find some one that speaks Telegu so my companion will just teach them as I sit there.   But a lot of people that are already members don't speak English so we have to translate through their children.  

I have no doubt in mind that when the church grows to a bigger size here that there will be so many missions here and the missionaries will speak in their native tongue.  There will be a Tamil Nadu, India mission and a Karnattaka, India mission and a Andra Pradesh, India mission as well.  The church is going to explode here once a few more stakes and temple are made.  There are only 75 missionaries here too which makes it tough but more and more are coming every transfer.  

My companion is finished with 16 months of his mission and has been in Chenna for almost 4 months.  He wont serve in Andra Pradesh because that is where his home is so he only has a few areas he can serve in.  He's probably the hardest worker in the mission and I've never heard him complain about anything.  An awesome example to me and the kind of missionary I want to become.  

I made some sweet scrambled eggs, bacon and chippatie breakfast burritos this week and only caused a small fire on one of the days haha.  We are planning for 4 baptisms on the 21st and hopefully a few more on the 28th.  We ate KFC on Wednesday and I had a bucket of 12 pieces, it was crazy.  The work is going here and I really do feel like God is watching over me every second here.  The traffic is crazy and the stop lights and lanes don't matter at all so it definitely keeps you awake.  I know for a fact that if i didn't have the protection from Heavenly Father here than I would have been dead already haha.  We ate lots of fruits and vegetables this week too so that was great too.  

Glad to hear from everyone and keep on having fun.


Elder Wakefield

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