Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week 19 - Chennai - October 28, 2014

What up everybody?

Dewali was crazy this week.  Literally every kid from like age 15 and below has a giant box of crackers and fireworks that they set of for like 3 days straight..  Everybody gets a holiday and from like 6 am to 11 pm fireworks go off nonstop.  Kids just blowing crackers every 5 seconds.

We had another elder come in from coimbatore to spend the week with us because his Indain visa is having all these problems getting transferred from Rajamundry to Chennai to Coimbatore.  We have spent tons of hours getting his visa figured out but we still have to go back tomorrow. 

We found an awesome family that we had previously visited like 2 months back and they were way prepared so we are going to be working with this brother Sam, his wife Anitha, and two boys.  They speak decent English so definitely room for improvement.  

This branch I'm in is awesome and every day I'm just amazed at how much people want to help coming with us to visit families so that is pretty awesome and they always want to feed us so I'm not complaining.  

We ate some Mexican food yesterday but it was not good so we are not going back.  The weather is really bipolar and its not as hot here anymore so its pretty awesome.  The days are getting really weird here and its weird to think I've already been in this city for 4 months.  

Thanks for Sister Lambert sending me a Halloween card.  Almost forgot about that holiday.

My pics from the last 3 weeks got deleted so ill have to take alot this week to make up for it.

Thanks for all the love and mail.  

Talk to ya next week.

Elder Wakefield

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