Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week 18 - Chennai - October 21, 2014

Things are going swell out here in Chennai with another week flying by.  The rain season has begun and the streets are pretty flooded.  Its funny that things just shut down when the rain starts even though this happens like for 3 months every year.  

We are trying to always think of new ways to strengthen this tiny branch and help it grow to a powerful stake but I guess all great things take time.  

We made some Indian bread chippaties this week and even made a fire in our apartment which was pretty cool, I guess that is what happens when 2 Americans try to make Indian food haha.  

Anyways we are making tons of friends with everyone we meet but most people don't understand that we are trying to teach about Jesus Christ so our conversations usually end with maybe I'll call you when we have free time.  but I have a feeling that sooner or later we will find someone that is interested help make them interested.  

We met this guy this week named Chris, who is an ex pastor for a church by his home and expressed all the weight that has weighed on his soul for the last 45 years and just wants to feel the love of Heavenly Father.  It was cool when we met him because pretty much every problem that he had was in some way related to the gospel of Jesus Christ that we share so I know that he needs to hear what we have to say.

This week we are planning on helping people keep their commitments so they can receive answers to their prayers.  

Keep loving life everybody and look for the positive in every step.  Surely Heavenly Father will bless you in your efforts.

Elder Wakefield

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