Friday, May 6, 2016

Week 82 - January 11, 2016 - Hyderabad, India

Not sure if my email sent last week but oh well here goes another one.

On Monday, we flew to Bangalore and the cab that was supposed to pick us up left so we just kind of hung out at the airport for like 3 extra hours.  And you know how I said I had never been cold well I take it back because Bangalore was freezing.  Then on Tuesday, we had a pretty good discussion on changing the Mission Culture to adjust for the goals we set in 2016.  We figured out too that if every companionship had a baptism for every month then we could have 500 baptisms which is like almost double what we had in 2015. 

Wednesday we found some cool new investigators.  They were understanding really well and were like right in tune with the lesson.  They were also wondering if there was any source that could clear up what they were learning from the Bible so when we showed them the Book of Mormon they were excited.  Hopefully, this week we can visit them.  Thursday we ate at Burger King.  They had a mutton Whopper and I got it.  Still not sure how I felt about it but that will probably be enough for me for the next few months.  Friday we had our Zone training and all the missionaries were on board for the new mission goals and even set higher goals for themselves.  I think that this year we accomplish a lot of cool things.

I heard they even called a new mission president for the IBM for summer.  President Berrett is also coming with us for exchange on Friday night so that should be cool..

This week alot of people are going to their village for holidays so it should give us more time to become more organized and visit with some of the leaders for our goals for this year.  I think that if everyone from the Ward is on board, then we will accomplish a lot of things.

Love you guys and hope your week is wonderful.
P.S. Happy early Birthday Alex.  Don't go too crazy for your 17th haha

Elder Wakefield

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