Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 47 - May 10, 2015 - Visak

We had an awesome week this week in Gajuwaka.  Some Elders handed off their investtigators to us who were living in our area so we got to meet them at the Church on Thursday.  They all come from a Hindu background but when we watched the dvd about Joseph Smith being called a prophet the Spirit hit them pretty strong.  I believe that reading the Book of Mormon definitely helps you come to know more about the Savior and his restored church today.

One of the most interesting things about being in India is all the weird foods and fruits and vegetables that they have.  Like I've never seen any of this stuff before and its all crazy cheap.  They have like these cool coconut things with these jelly pockets that you use your finger to dig out so its kind of cool.

Then the other miracle was that I got to teach the Gospel Principles class on Sunday and I found that out about 30 seconds before the class started.  I decided to teach about the Atonement and how we all need it in our lives.  It was pretty cool also because everyone in the room could understand what I was saying.  Either my broken English is money or they are learning English.  Maybe both.  

Our branch President found out this is my last month and he challenged us to work harder than I have in the last 5 months here so I'm pretty stoked about that.  The branch is really supporting us as well so in my opinion, things have changed a lot.  

The Gospel is true, read the Book of Mormon and Pray!


Elder Wakefield

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