Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week 33 - February 2, 2016 - Visak

We went on splits a few times this week and taught some super spiritual lessons which are always good.  Our branch is starting to help out more too so that really helps.  We saw a lot of people at church yesterday too and it was awesome to see all the fellow shipping that goes on when new people come.

So they switched off our power this week because we didn't pay our power bill, but we've been asking the electric office for like the last 2 months for our bill but they haven't done anything!  So this week I lost a little bit of my patience and scolded this one guy pretty good.  I think it was mostly because he said he would come later than night to put our switches back in but then they didn't and I woke up with a bunch of mosquito bites but we are friends now.  We actually ended up coming to his home and teaching him a lesson too which was crazy!!  Not sure if that was God's plan but worked I guess!

We also started teaching this joint family next to our apartment and they were almost too nice!  People here always put others before themselves but sometimes they go to the extreme.  If I make the slightest move of discomfort during the lesson  everybody just loses it and the Spirit goes away so I try and sit as still as possible so no one worries about me.  They seem very prepared though so it will be fun teaching them.  

Should be another interesting week filled with more awesome stuff so I will let you know.  
Have a great week!

Elder Wakefield

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