Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 37 - March 2, 2015 - Visak

Awesome story of the week:

Friday we go up to the city for an early morning meeting and after it finishes I get that I'm so hungry i could throw up feeling in my stomach So i grab my comp and we just go down the street to grab some watermelon and lassi.  My stomach feels a little better but then we grab all the missionaries to go eat lunch.go eat lunch.  We are waiting at the bus stop when I get this feeling that now I know I'm going to throw up.  I look around and find this underground parking lot, perfect.  I'm starting to be sick and the watchmen starts yelling at me in full Telegu while I'm throwing up!  Another repeat of Chennai!!  The cool thing was that the watermelon made it red so the people watching probably thought I was throwing up blood!  Not sure if its actually that awesome but to me I thought it was awesome...

Another cool story!

We had a meeting in church about a testimony vs. conversion and how people should be sacrificing for the gospel of Christ.  People talked about all their problems and how they don't have enough time to fulfill their responsibilities in church and I shared about a Sister Preethi who is super strong in the gospel and hasn't missed a day of church since she got baptized 2 years back!  She had been looking for a job for almost 4 months and finally found one and after sometime they told her she needed to come work on Sundays.  She very kindly told them that she could not do that so she left the job.

This experience really strengthened my faith at how this Sister knows that working on Sundays is not what Heavenly Father wants but she has hope that He will lead her to a better job.  I know that if we truly keep the commandments of God no matter how enticing or hard they might seem, He will surely bless us with what we need because it is His purpose, "to provide for my saints."

Sorry I haven't any pics in a while, we go to these sketchy internet shops that are probably filled with viruses but this week we are chillin.

Love you all,

Elder Wakefield

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