Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week 16 - Chennai - October 8, 2014

We had a pretty awesome week this week in Chennai and are meeting with a ton of people.  Its funny to see how shocked some people are to see 2 Americans cycling around with funny helmets on.  I got to teach my companion a little bit about the Indian culture this week but i think that he is still in shock with this peculiar society.  

I gave the lesson in Elders Quorum yesterday and this brother that barely speaks English said he understood my whole lesson so i was pretty proud about that.  I even had an experience this week where a lady came up to us and started speaking about God and her family and I probably understood about half of what she said and could reply to her a little bit so that was awesome as well.  

We have been working with a couple families this week and one brother named Thangaraj, who comes from a Hindu background, has been letting us teach his family and all 4 kids accepted a baptism date so hopefully if they follow through then they can soon follow right behind.  Arun Kumar is another young man we have been working with and his parents are also happy to see us come over and teach him so we are also praying that they will give him permission to be baptized soon.

We've been eating a lot of rice here and each day I think I'm going to be sick of it but it still tastes good so we will see how much longer I'll go.  

Here in India, they wait until the week after conference to broadcast it here and in one room they will show the English version and in another room they will show the pre-dubbed version in Tamil.  They also have the Liahona in English here so we get to read those as well.  
I especially strengthened my testimony of the Book of Mormon this week as I've seen the power and witness of Jesus Christ and answers to my questions today from a book that was written 2 thousand years back.  I guess that must be why all the prophets and apostles and teachers are always asking us to read it everyday.  Keep on keeping on,

Elder Wakefield

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