Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 40 - March 26, 2015 - Visak

Man it is getting crazy hot out here in Visak but its still an awesome place to be.  It's funny because our apartment is like a half km to the bus stop so even in the morning when we get out there we are already full sweating.  The district is doing awesome though and everyone enjoyed President and sister Berrett coming for district conference.  They talked about how they are trying to start construction for their own building out here but facing some problems so maybe in  years they want to open it up as the stake center out here.  I think people got excited out here about that so now they really want to help out.
My companion came on Tuesday night so I took him around to visit a bunch of families and investigators.  I think that we will be able to do lots of good work out here now.  We are blessed with finding new people to teach every week and lots of people are starting to accept it in their life.
We talked about how the most important tool we can use out here is the Book of Mormon and is literally the do or die for conversion.  Anyone that reads it and thinks about it and prays about it WILL receive an answer and know its divinity. I had an experience where we met a less active brother and his friends who stopped coming to church 5 years back.  Everyone had questioned him as to why we needed the Book and he didn't know how to answer them so we answered his question and it was like the answer he had been waiting for years for I guess but he was so happy.  He came to church the next day too so I guess the Spirit really touched his heart.  The Lord has blessed us with so many miracles out here its unreal. 
Love you all enjoy

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