Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 44 - April 20, 2015 - Visak

So right now us 5 missionaries are sitting in this internet shop owned by this awesome Muslim guy listening to Elvis Presley Christmas music, pretty awesome.  

This week we taught a bunch of lessons to all our investigators and they are really prepared.  Everyday, they are getting tempted and problems always come up but I know that God is watching over them.  On Tuesday we fasted for our investigator Chandu who said that if he gets baptized his mom will never let him back into their family, so we are praying for God to soften his mother's heart.  
Exams are also a really big deal in India and peoples entire lives rest upon these exams so they study and go to countless classes to do well on these things.  Everyone is always really busy but they understand that they need time for God.  The mission Presidency recently set a goal for every member to read the Book of Mormon before October 6th so when our family of Prasad and Latha came to church it really hit them and they decided to participate in the challenge which is what we have been pleading for.  

We set some really high goals for May because everything got postponed in April so we are looking for the miracles.  This week we went to a members birthday party and it was crazy with members everywhere and their old pastor came to say a prayer for them so that was weird too.

Then we went to this village literally out of nowhere to visit this inactive family and everyone at church was so happy to see them again after almost 3 years.  We get so many blessings out here it is unreal.  The work of Salvation is a real thing and I know its the only way we can reach our Heavenly Fathers kingdom one day.

Jesus Christ has an answer for every question or doubt that we have, we just have to look to Him to find it.  

Until next week,

Elder Wakefield

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