Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 65 - September 14, 2015 - Hyderabad, India

It rained like crazy this week in Hyderabad.  I guess this is the rain that people have been hoping for forever.  So I bought this sweet umbrella and my companion keeps making fun of me saying it's an old man's umbrella.

This week I got to see a lot of the area and id say the hardest part is remembering all the names of the places and just pronouncing them.  Everyone is really good though and the Lord has really blessed us.  This ward has like so many families but sacrament there are only like 40 people that come but by the end of church more people are coming so we are really working on getting people to improve on that.  

Our apartment is in this thick muslim area inside of Banjara Hills.  The church is in West Marredpally and that takes like 25 minutes to get to and where all the members live is like an hour from the church so we are thinking to start a branch out there so more people can come.

I went on exchange this week with a missionary and he was super funny so it was the hardest i had laughed in a few weeks.  I cant believe BYU is going crazy in football this year, shout out to the homies who sent me the videos.

This week they have the Ganesh festival where they throw their Ganesh idols into the lake in the middle of Hyderabad and I guess they make this 200 foot statue pretty close to our apartment so I will have to see if I can take a picture of that this week.

Love you guys,
Elder Wakefield
(Only 9 months left)  Time is going crazy fast I can't believe it

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