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Week 14 - Chennai - September 22, 2014

I found out this last week that I have been giving the great privilege of training a new missionary this week who is coming straight from the MTC.  There is only 1 Indian elder coming in and he is from Chennai so I know he won't be my companion.  It's gonna be an adventure with 2 Americans roaming the streets of Chennai haha.  

My companion is going to Whitefield Bangalore and we are both flying out tonight and will return to Chennai on Friday.  It was a fun last couple  of days and we were blessed to have 4 baptisms on Sunday.  The branch is starting to catch the missionary fire and tons of people expressed how happy they were for all the work we have been doing and they really really want to help us now which is awesome.  

We spent the last couple of days eating like 6 meals a day at the members houses because they wanted to feed my companion before he left.  He's really sad about leaving because he really likes it here.  I hope to be half the missionary he is someday.  

A funny experience that happened to me this week was on Wednesday.  We went with one brother to a place called pizza paradise where they serve unlimited pizza, bread, salad, soda and dessert for like $5.  I ate so much and couldn't even move after finishing and then I drank this really sugary drink which was a bad idea.  We then went on the bus and headed back to our apartment and about halfway home I started feeling really bad and told my companion I had to get off the bus.  After walking about 20 yards away from the people at the bus stop I start just vomiting for like a straight 2 minutes.  But nearby is a security guard for a private street and he starts yelling at me in Tamil but I'm walking away trying to but some water and he's following me and hitting me and I'm just like what does this guy want.  Then we walk back and he brings me a bucket and at first I thought he wanted me to put it in the bucket and I was like no way am I doing that but then I just threw some water on it and walked away.  Definitely an experience that I will never forget.

Hope everyone had a great week and thanks for all the mail.  See pictures below

Ya boy, Elder Wakefield

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