Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 79 - December 21, 2015 - Hyderabad, India

Merry Early Christmas everyone!  This week was filled with miracles and some of the greatest Christmas moments anyone could imagine.  

First off the "Only In India Story" for the week:  So Saturday, we went on exchanges with our District Leader so he could give a baptismal interview to our investigator and my companion went with his companion so he could do the same for them.  When we got to the members home, we found out that our investigator had a concern that would involve the Mission President.  So i called President Berrett because last week he told me was coming to Hyderabad but i spoke to him and he was on the plane back to Bangalore... However, he said that we could have a skype interview and the District Leader could translate as the sister taking baptism didn't speak much English.  But the power was cut and when 3 pm rolled around still no current.  So I called President Berrett and he said, "you know Elder Wakefield, I had a feeling i should have called you this morning before I left. " and that just to call him when the power was back on.  So we left and the member said he would just call us if the power came back because he had a meeting at 6:00.  So I just remember praying so hard that Heavenly Father would provide a way for this Sister to have a successful interview so that she could baptized,  

Then just like 10 minutes later he called and said power came back.  We ran back to his house and her interview was successful and then at 4:30 pm yesterday, Sister Sathywathi was finally baptized.  When she was bearing her testimony, she was in tears because she said she still had doubts if this was the true church or not but after she came out of the water, she knew this was true.  Definitely a feeling that none of us will ever forget.

Then on Friday night, we went with maybe 10 other members caroling.  It was super fun.  we just had 2 small cars and we crammed everyone together and visited like 7-10 families.  You tell how happy people were to see us all coming into their home and showing our love to them.  I wish they could do something like this every week because then there would really be no less actives.  But we weren't able to go much on Saturday or Sunday but I heard they were also good.  

We have our missionary Christmas devotional tomorrow and our Ward Christmas party on Wednesday then Christmas on Friday so this week should really be awesome.  

Finally, I decided that my gift to the Savior this year would be to show my love for his children.  It seems like almost every Christmas thus far in my life has been focused on what am I going to get this year?  or what am I going to do during my holiday breaks?  Now that I really understand the importance of Christmas, i decided I just want to show my love for all of Heavenly Father's children because even though I cant help all of them, I can at least do my best to make them feel loved. 

Elder Wakefield

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