Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 51 - June 7 2015 - Manila Philippines

Here is the e-mail from Sister Northrup upon Elder Wakefield arriving in the Philippines:

Dear Brother and Sister Wakefield,
I know from Facebook that you are well aware that your delightful son has made a safe transfer to our mission for a while, but thought you might like to see his arrival pictures with President Ostler. He may not have had a chance to tell  you that he has been assigned to the office, so we hope to get to know him well. This also probably means that I will be able to take lots more pictures of him!
These elders he is with, Elders Aguinaldo and Elder Appleby, were his temporary companions, but when he got assigned to the office, his new companion became Elder Thacker, the other new office elder. I will post a picture of them sometime tomorrow on the Philippines Manila Moms Facebook page, which is an open group you might want to join for as long as Elder Wakefield is in this mission.
Thank you,
Sister Northrup
Philippines Manila Mission

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