Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 72 - November 2, 2015 - Hyderabad, India

All i can say is that this week was unbelievable.  President Nelson, President Gong, Elder Funk and Elder Robert Williams all came along with the Mission President and it was something I will never forget.  I think shaking President Nelson's hand was pretty cool, his eyes have seen things that most people haven't.  When he was up on the stand, he would stare into missionaries souls and he must have been receiving some revelation or something but it was crazy.  

All misionaries came safely and the food was good, so everything worked out fine.

No Halloween for us but i think Diwalli is coming up soon so we should see a lot of fireworks.  

Another cool news is that Elder Rasband is coming to Bangalore for the formation of India's second Stake on November 15th.  I don't think they will do another mission conference but not yet confirmed.  President Nelson also talked about when a temple is coming and he said that the number of Stakes does not play a huge role but on how well the people are spiritually prepared.  

Things are getting better in our area too which is good.  we are leaving to Bangalore tonight and shoulkd be back by Wednesday.  Love you

Elder Wakefield

Ps pics next week, the sd card is under repair

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