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Week 13 - Chennai - September 14, 2014

This week flew by and it seems like that every monday.  Crazy to think that 3 months have gone by but I still have a while left so I'm glad that I get to keep serving Heavenly Father.  We found a lot of sweet people that the Lord is preparing and they are finding that peace and happiness that they have been looking for. It's funny because no one shows up to church on time so by about 9:30 the congregation starts to fill up.

We are expecting 5 baptisms this Sunday so we are making sure that they are fully prepared when Sunday rolls around.  We went to this place in Chennai and there are are so many people everywhere that it's insane.  I got a tie for like 50 cents and it hasn't broken yet so I'm excited about that.

I thought I would tell a little about Indian culture this week.  We go finding for about an hour a day and on an average street of about 40 people maybe 2 or 3 will be Christian.  We only focus on Christian families right now because they have a simple knowledge about Jesus Christ and are usually nice enough to let us in.  We eat a ton of rice everyday and usually put some gravy on it to add flavor.  Everybody here travels by bus, auto, or bike.  And the sides of the street literally have no meaning because people drive everywhere haha.  

Everybody wants to feed us and we eat a lot during the day.  I drink like 6 liters of water a day but still feel dehydrated.  Today my companion might get transfered to another area because he has been in Chennai for like 4 months but we haven't heard yet.  Most people are natives and speak very little English and I might as well be speaking Spanish because no one can understand me haha.  Its funny and people are always making jokes here.  Our branch is growing slowly but could easily explode to 3 times it size but we need more missionaries and priesthood brothers to come on exchange with us.  People are more likely to come to church if we have a friend for them to come with.

Chennai had rain for a few days this week but its funny how fast it dries up and the sun comes out again.  We did alot of cleaning this morning and went and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe.  It was fun to hear american music again.  

We are also the only missionaries to have cycles in Chennai so we can to about 75% of homes instead of walking or taking buses and being in traffic which is nice.  The Lord is preparing the way here in India and you can feel the Spirit leading us every minute of the day.  

I'll send pictures next week because we are on a new computer but I think I am definitely starting to look South Indian now haha


Elder Wakefield

Separate note to his parents:

Thanks for all the updates this week.  Glad to hear you guys are all managing.  Chennai is fun and we are really progressing in our work.  Its funny to think hat at BYU i could sleep peacefully even though I was always busy with tests and projects but here I stay up all night just hoping people are reading the Book of Mormon or praying or planning to come to church.  Haha I never thought that it would be this tough but is really awesome work here.  I'm starting to make a list of all the stuff i will bring home when I'm on my way back.  Tell everyone i say hi.

love you guys

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