Friday, May 6, 2016

Week 94 - April 4, 2016 - Hyderabad, India

Happy April everyone!  We started off the month pretty nicely with the baptism of Hanumantha Rao (Hanook) yesterday!  It was really awesome.  Right after church, we had his baptism and lots of the members stayed after to watch.  We also got 2 new Elders in our ward so people  were really surprised / confused when they saw 4 of us there on Sunday.  They are really cool though and now we are trying to show them all of their families in their half of the area so they can start going to work.

We also had a really cool District Meeting this week and last month we were focusing on the Atonement because of Good Friday and Easter and we talked about how Christ was the first one to be resurrected and because of His victory over the grave we will one day have that same opportunity.  Heavenly Fathers work and His glory is to help His children receive the Eternal Life and for these 2 years it is our responsibility to offer this gift to everyone that we meet.  Then it made me think of all the gifts that Heavenly Father has given us to be able to make it back to him: the Atonement, Priesthood, Temples, Families basically everything we have points back to His love for us.  

Also one day I went on exchange in Madina Guda and this family wanted to feed us so we came back the next day and they just kept bringing out more and more food for us.  First Chappati, then papu, then beef curry then white rice, then some vegetable fry and fish fry and finally curd.  Man they just kept throwing stuff on my plate and I couldn't get them to stop so after I felt like I had a food baby but it was really good. 

We started drinking more coconut water as well to keep our bodies cool.  Main thing is I'm trying to look south Indian in these last 2 months so lets see if i can do it.

Love you,

Elder Wakefield

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