Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 46 - May 3, 2015 - Visag

Finally mango season is here!!  In Vizag, they have like fruit carts everywhere so you just go up to people and buy them.  People like to rip us off though so we usually spend a few minutes bargaining until we get a good price.  My official date of travel for the Phillippines is June 3rd, so that means I get my full time in the month of May here in India. 
It was an awesome week because we met with a bunch of our investigators and set them all with dates to be baptized.  Then some people that had committed to come to church actually came so that was awesome too.  Pray for us and them so they will be ready.
We played cricket this morning and I'm starting to get better but still a big difference from baseball so a lot of room for improvement.  Today and this week will be pretty busy and some missionaries in our district finished their mission so we should get some more Elders here in Vizag.
Crazy story for the week:

We met a bunch of really cool investigators just on the streets and door knocking and from some other missionaries so we are busy teaching them and it never seems like enough time in the day but it is really awesome here.
Excited to talk to you guys next week.  Have a great time

Elder Wakefield

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