Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week 26 - Last week in Chennai and headed to Visakhapatnam

Crazy to think that here are only 10 days till Christmas and it still feels like Summer.  Well I'm leaving Chennai on Wednesday to go to a city called Visakaptnam about 1,500 km from here where they speak a totally different language so the last 6 months of Tamil might go to waste..

But I'm way excited but sad to leave my greenie branch.  Alex came to church today and we taught him and he is really excited for his baptism in 2 weeks.  His mother passed away 3 months back and she got baptized in another church right before she passed so when we taught him the Plan of Salvation and told him that he was going to be able to see his mom again it was pretty great experience.  

Last night this other family that is actually from Vizag who is investigating the church and fed us dinner and I thought I was going to explode because of how much food there was but then it turned out that it really took a few hours and this morning the toilet in the church took the worse part of it.  

Its really crazy to think of all the changes I've made the last 6 months in my life and how the Lord has blessed us with such great people to meet.  I'm excited to work my butt off in this next place and bring more souls unto Heavenly Father.  Especially grateful for the Christmas gift that he gave to world, being his son Jesus Christ.

Another funny thing that I saw was this guy slap a cows butt that was walking by and he proceeded to lick his hand after that so I probably could have still lived a good life without seeing that but you know.

Hope everyone is doing well and I'll let you know what its like in Andra Pradesh next week!

Elder Wakefield

Streets of India
Primary Program


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