Friday, May 6, 2016

Week 96 - April 18, 2016 - Hyderabad, India

What up everyone! I guess this week it was pretty hot but we had this random rain storm last night that was crazy.  We are like waiting at this bus stop at around 7pm and all of a sudden it starts sprinkling a little so we go under this shade structure and a couple drops start hitting us so we are like no big deal then it starts coming down and I look at my shirt and there is like dirt and mud everywhere.  I got out of there quick.  I guess all of the dirt had been built up on top of this structure for the last couple of months and this was the first rain in a while so we got wrecked.  I made up this cool story that Ii fell off the bus and rolled into this mud pile and some people believed me so it was pretty funny.

We had this really good lesson with this Brother Named Naveen and actually Elder Madda just met this guy on the bus and he's really awesome.  He is basically from a Hindu background but he had some childhood friends that he used to go to church with.  Actually, he is really humble and his hobbies are reading and learning new things which is like unheard of here so he actually reads the Book of Mormon and he loves it so much.  He also came to Stake Conference and President Funk, the Asia Area President, came and he gave a really awesome talk about the importance of attending the temple and keeping the commandments.

Anyway this week should be fun and we will have some appointments lined up.

Love you guys,

Elder Wakefield

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