Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 59 - August 3, 2015 - Manila Philippines

Well things seem to be a little more tame here after transfer week.  I think we had to wake up before 6 everyday this week.  It was pretty tiring and hard working but everything is a lot nicer now.

We had to run people all across the mission and we even got a little lost and found ourselves in Cavite mission.  So I think that was my 4th mission I've been to in just the Philippines.   Wednesday we picked up the new missionaries from the MTC and they were pretty pumped.  It was funny being with them and seeing what they thought of the Philippines outside of the MTC.  We got to go the American cemetery where President Gordon B Hinkley opened the Philippines to missionary work and it was so cool.  Thousands of crosses everywhere, it looked like the scene in saving Private Ryan.  And they have these huge stone pillars filled with names of soldiers whose bodies were never found.

We got a third companion this week, Elder Benting, super cool guy from North Luzon.  He actually started his mission in the area we are in now so he knows the area super well.  He's helping Elder Thacker and I on our Tagalog as well.  The senior couple only have 37 days left so then it will be just us 3.

My companion had some driving problems this week so our van is starting to take a beating and we are losing some money paying off traffic guards but we are still alive.  These next few weeks should be busy with MLC and Zone Conferences.  I'm also trying to talk the Mission President into sending us with him for zone conference to Palwan because it might be the only chance I get.

 Love you guys,
Elder Wakefield

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