Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 71 - October 26, 2015 - Hyderabad, India

Yo yoy yo everybody.  This week was pretty busy with a lot of missionaries flying into Hyderabd for FRRO and passport and medical stuff.  Somehow, they ended up at our apartment every night but it was fun pulling them with us.  We are getting ready for President Nelson's arrival on Friday and it should be awesome.  President Berrett has had us ordering the lunch and breakfast for the mission conference so hopefully everything goes well or else we are going to have 80 upset missionaries angry at us haha.
We had an awesome ward mission coordination meeting and we talked a lot about our areas of strength and assigning members to pick up at least 1 person from their area.  The counselor was saying that for the first 10 weeks, no one is going to come but then by that 10th time they will change and i guess that is true that if someone can't do something on their own then they need us to give them a boost in doing it.
Today we went to Golkonda Fort with this member that works there named Vijayanand.  He is a super cool guy and has been a member since 1992.  He hooked us up with a tour guide and free entrance.  After, he took us to this super old tree and the diameter of the tree was 25 meters!!  There are even 2 rooms inside the tree that we went into.  It's right next to a golf course so it was super cool.
We found 2 awesome investigator families that were definitely prepared for our message this week.  They still have a ways to go but I pray that they will come to see their eterenal destiny as we teach them more. love you guys and thanks for all the support and letters.
Elder Wakefield

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