Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 78 - December 14, 2015 - Hyderabad, India

Merry early Christmas everyone!! I love this time in the year the most.  Crazy to think that 2015 is almost gone and we will be starting a new year soon.  Yesterday, we had a Christmas council meeting in our ward and it sounds like they are going all out this year.  I'm not sure if they will be able to handle it all but we will see.

We had 2 exchanges this week I think we really helped 2 companionships that were struggling.  They both are good but like a lot of companionships, sometimes they forget to communicate their problems to each other effectively.  We also had a training on Friday to all the missionaries in Hyderabad about teaching with your companion in unity and I think they learned a lot of the same things we did.  Sometimes you have to practice something like 5 times before it actually gets better. 

We are also preparing for Christmas carols on the 18, 19, and 20th so that should be fun.  The cool story of the week was about this sister that we have been teaching for around 2 and a half months now.  She comes to church with her family almost every week and she doesn't speak much English or understand a lot of things that we teach her but last night we taught this lesson at her family's home and we really wanted to help her realize how God has answered her prayer and when we there last night, it was like a hallelujah moment.  She just kept saying I'm praying but nothing is happening and when we asked her what her heart is telling her and about all the changes she has seen in her life something just clicked.  So we have to finish teaching her the lessons this week but hopefully her baptism will happen this Sunday.

Weather is still pretty warm here so it doesnt really "feel" like Christmas but something is different.  People are also starting to invite us over more often so that is good.  

Today we toured around in Hi-tech city so that was cool too.  Everything is good and I'm excited for what Heavenly Father has in store for his children this year.  
Elder Wakefield

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