Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 38 - March 9, 2015 - Visak

Well I'm getting a new companion sometime this week so now hopefully things will progress a little faster.  This week India celebrated holi which is like a festival of colors where they mix color powder with water and spray people, especially white people.  And the colors don't like to wash off so all those white people are stuck with weird colors on their bodies for like 2 days.

So when Friday morning rolled around they thought it be funny to spray us so it was fun to walk around all green and purple and yellow.  We had this fireside activity the same night and we did a bunch of object lessons to help teach everyone so I think people like it.  You can google iodine, bleach and Christ to see one of the things we did.  

Then yesterday everyone found out my comapnion was leaving so we had 2 lunches and a dinner within like 6 hours.  I thought i was going to explode last night.  

We are still looking for more people to teach but this week I learned how important prayer can be.  If I'm here serving God and the Lord then I realized it might be pretty important to seek their help every minute of the day as to how we should use our time. And then I read this cool quote the other day which said, "The strength of a nation is rooted inside the walls of its home."  If we can't solve our own problems, then how will we be able to help others with theirs, really made me think so now is the time to change to bless the lives of others.

Love you guys next week pics for sure,

Elder Wakefield

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