Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 11 - Chennai - August 31, 2014

We finished another awesome week this week and it looks like monsoon season won't be making an appearance in Chennai this year.  Just my luck.  We had a lot of miracles in our lives this week as well and lots of fun too.  People are pretty funny here and way excited when I talk to them.

Pretty crazy that 6 people came to church yesterday, I thought for sure that someone wasn't going to come but they all made it.  And in church the power went out twice and and the microphone wasn't working for sacrament meeting but people still came and the elevator was broken too I forgot.  Pretty awesome faith for the people here I must say.

We had the Ganesh festival on Friday which is one of the Hindu gods who I think is a mix of an elephant and a woman but I'm still not sure.  But they have like little mini statues of this guy everywhere and giant light up images of him too.  People were excited for that day because it was a holiday and lots of fireworks at night.  

Mission President and his wife talked to us in Zone Conference on Wednesday and told us to keep the end in mind and imagine everyone that you talk to as a child of God and the potential they could become.  That's very helpful when you see people dressed in temple whites with the possibility of getting sealed to their families.  Nothing too exciting happened this week other than that though or this next week.  Thanks for all the emails and updates this week.

Also glad to hear that BYU won.  Keep asking questions because its not too hard to answer them haha.. Things are great and talk to you all next week.

Elder Wakefield

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