Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week 17 - Chennai - October 14 2014

Well another week flew by and we are doing pretty much what missionaries do.  Met lots of cool people this week and got to teach people and I think a lot of people do not completely understand our purpose so we are working to communicate that to them more effectively.  

We had this cool experience during the Sunday afternoon session where we invited this brother named Isaac John who had been to Virginia for business before and his whole family spoke pretty good English.  He was actually a referral from some church Reverend we met who was really cool.  Anyway, he said he was going to come to the last session and I called him a couple of times but he wasn't answering so we just thought oh well I guess we will just watch it.

Then like 5 minutes before the Elder Bednar as the last speaker comes on he shows up and we were way excited.  Then elder Bednar starts off his talk, "I want to speak to the people who are not members of our church today." and my companion and I just looked at each other like no way, but ya he said he likes it and wants to bring his family to come next week.

We struggled with getting members to come to lessons with us so now we have a rule where we have to take a member with us everytime we teach a lesson but its really hard because everyone works from like 8 am to 8 pm or the night shift from  6 pm to 6 am and then they sleep the rest of the day.  So we are going to have to work effectively if we want people to come then.

 I heard that Meet the Mormons movie is cool.  We are actually planning on watching it today.  We went to St. Thomas Mount yesterday which is where he preached the Gospel and was killed.  It just makes Jesus Christ seem so much more real where one of His original Apostles laid foot.  

Love you all, keep helping others, lets change the world, stay happy,

Elder Wakefield

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