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Week 53 - June 19, 2015 - Letter from the Manila Philippines Mission President Ostler


P.O. BOX 1997
Makati Central Post Office
1200, Metro Manila

19 June 2015

Dear Brother and Sister Wakefield,

We are happy to inform you that your son, Elder Andrew Wakefield, has recently been called to serve as an Office Elder for the Philippines Manila Mission.  He has shown by his obedience, humility, and diligence that we can trust him to assist the President with the many office operations required for the mission.  This is a very important calling. The mission could not function without this help.

We are so grateful for the talents your son has developed.  We are grateful that he is willing to contribute all of his abilities to the work of the Lord.  We are excited about this opportunity for growth in your son.  There are many aspects of leadership and managing the office affairs that will give him great experience for future leadership opportunities.  He will also continue to be responsible for a proselyting area and will be able to teach evenings and weekends.  We are grateful for his example of dedication to the Lord’s work.  We are grateful he has accepted this opportunity, and we have great confidence that he will bless the lives of many through his service in the office.

We are so thankful for his efforts.  We wish you could see him as he teaches and interacts with the other missionaries.   We are humbled to be able to serve with him and the rest of the incredible Philippines Manila Missionaries.  Thank you for sharing such a wonderful son with us.

President and Sister Creg D. Ostler

Philippines Manila Mission

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