Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week 23 - Chennai - November 24, 2014

Another really awesome week.  Only I'm almost out of money cause I had to pay the electricity bill this week but good thing is that nothing is too costly in Chennai.  We got our water heater fixed on Saturday so the hot showers are back too.

Rao Mulleshwar came to church on Sunday and he had an awesome time.  All the Telegu guys in our branch just hit it off with this guy and after all the classes finished he asked us, "Is it ok if I keep coming every Sunday to this church?"  We were like brother that was our goal from the start haha.  Pretty awesome stuff.  

We both gave a talk on Sunday and I was exhausted Saturday night so I didn't write a thing but the Holy Ghost guided me so hopefully there was someone that liked what I said. I even talked for 25 minutes and I didn't even see anyone fall asleep.  

It was cool because people came up to me and said that when I gave my first talk in the branch they couldn't understand a thing I said and this time they understood the whole thing,.  Guess I'm a real Tamilian now.  

We had some awesome experiences just bearing testimonies to people this week so hopefully they let the Holy Spirit enter their hearts so they can find that true happiness we talk about. 

Thanks for all the prayers.  You guys are awesome.

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