Friday, May 6, 2016

Week 95 - April 11, 2016 - Hyderabad, India

First off Happy Ugadi everyone!  I think its like a Telegu / Hindu New Year.  But I can honestly say that we didn't do any sort of celebrating this week unfortunately.  General Conference was totally sweet though.  I loved it like anything.  The Prophet I would say made his talks the shortest of all but I guess the spirit told him to make it short and sweet and that is what he did.

I would say that some of my favorite talks were by Elder Gong, Elder Arnold B. Mervyn and Elder Hallstroms talk.  I can kind of relate to the story that Elder Hallstrom told visiting some of the saints and they just went crazy by singing and I remembered when President Nelson came and people were so happy.  I feel really blessed to be serving in Hyderabad especially those days when it seems like no one is home and the weather is hitting 110 but we drink a lot of water, so I just feel like a big balloon walking around.  

The members are really awesome though and they are giving us lots of people to teach so we don't have to walk around so much.  Honestly, I cant wait until I come back and take the missionaries to visit all of my friends in Almaden.  So those of you in San Jose, be warned that 2 brothers in white shirts will be showing up at your home in the next few months.

Another cool story is that we have this watchman from our apartmnet complex named Deepak.  He's from Nepal and he doesn't speak any English.  Everyday when we leave, he says something to us but I can honestly say that I have never understood anything that he has said.  So one day our door didn't lock and we tried to ask him to watch so nothing happened and we came back that night and we open our door, to our surprise there is Deepak just sitting on our couch, no shirt on just sitting in the dark and drinking some water.  It was really weird so we asked him to leave and now we don't really know where he went so hopefully he's not hiding anywhere in any of our rooms haha.

Sorry no pics today we are in some sketchy internet cafe but next week I got u!

Elder Wakefield

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