Thursday, May 5, 2016

Week 63 - August 31, 2015 - Back to India from the Philippines

Whats up everyone!! So pretty crazy week this week.  I'm just making my way all around Southern Asia I've decided.  We left from Manila on Thursday afternoon and had like a 6 hour layover in Bangkok.  Then we landed in Bangalore at like midnight so we came to the Assistants apartment and in the morning we had waffles at the mission home right by the church.

Then I was suppose to go to Convent Road with Elder Ward but somehow it got changed and now I'm a zone leader in Hyderabad, West Marredpally 1st ward.  Then today is MLC so last night we flew back to Bangalore and slept the night in the mission home so now we have our P-day tomorrow and are flying back to Hyderabad tomorrow evening.  

But other than that it feels really awesome to be back in India.  The Mission President confirmed that Bamgalore will be a stake in November so that should be pretty cool.  

I feel like a new missionary all over again, and I still have a lot of Tagalog in my mind but now I have to forget it all and learn Telegu and Hindi.  Its really cool because almost everyone speaks English but the traffic is crazy.  Our ward is really far from church so yesterday there were very few people that came I was so surprised, but now we are going to really help all of this ward.

My companion is Elder Mullampaka and he is from Gajuwaka where I served before so it was pretty cool showing him all of my pictures and talking about how everyone from his home is doing.  We are going to have a good time I think.

More pictures to come I think next week.

Love you all
Elder Wakefield

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