Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 4 - Chennai - July 13 2014

Things are going great out here in Chennai, India where the air is very humid and rain season is beginning to start.  Most people in this city speak Tamil and it is very hard to understand their English so  I have to speak very slowly and simply.  It's funny because all the little children want to shake my hand and think I am a celebrity or something haha.  

In India people will only say yes to me because I'm an american and they don't want to dissappoint me so whenever I ask someone if they will come to church they say yes yes most definitely and then don't come so I'm not so skeptical (believing) anymore!! 

So far I've had someone try to get me to take their baby back to the USA, ask me if I will be in a movie with them and take many pictures with them.  All the little children want to shake my hand and have me come into their homes but I just keep walking.  

I get to talk to a lot of people whenever we ride on the bus and asking about the world cup is a good conversational starter so I get to here how the games are going and invite people to learn more.  

We have 2 baptisms scheduled for the 27th and one for Aug. 4th with more on the way.  The work is progressing and more and more members want to help.  The mission president and his wife came to our apartment on Saturday and then we went to an awesome meeting with them and the members want to do all they can to help.  

They said they got a really nice reply from the email they sent home and I said ya my dad spends too much time on the computer.  The food here is great and I'm learning to make lots of cool meals.  Hope everyone is doing great and today we are going to the second longest beach in the world!

Love you all, 

Elder Andrew Wakefield

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